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I can add the 1000+ people who commented (more than half of the comments on this post are on my comment) and I can spend around 4k (mystery gift being 490 rp, 130 rp a dollar. A more extended version with explanations can be found on the subreddit wiki..

During a line out, the hooker is generally the one who throws the ball back in at the line out. Reasonable people can disagree in good faith about where exactly they put that limit and I not trying to provoke a debate about that here; hell, it isn always appropriate to discuss the exact details publicly but every person worth a damn should have a limit, and it does you well to think on it.

Science students should attend seminars of reputed organizations and institutes together, and get their doubts cleared from the faculties available. Usually the suffix ultimately derives from the Latin ensis, which gives us ese and ian via French.

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