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Why 'Micro-Influencer' Affects Marketing Today

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СообщениеДобавлено: Пн Фев 22, 2021 8:24 am    Заголовок сообщения: Why 'Micro-Influencer' Affects Marketing Today Ответить с цитатой

The world is almost 100% of the online world. You yourself rarely turn on the TV and watch dramas after the news. Or continue watching the programs you love Because nowadays, you can “eat” your favorite things through YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and other channels. On the online world at your fingertips

You can skip the ads you hate. Items you don't like Or want to watch what you want to watch anytime, anywhere, just go online via 4G mobile phone, which means that TV, newspaper, magazine business will be totally affected. Celebrities have little to no effect on how you live your life.

So, the problem of marketers is how to get people to reach out to ads when celebrities are no longer needed, in many cases, hundreds of millions of cells will write about it for themselves.

1.What is a Micro-Influencer

The term micro-influencer (Let's call the transliteration micro) is the person, website, website, institution, etc. that affect your life and you have a liking. Special respect Which the people of that group will not be up to the star level or celebrity in any way May be ordinary people even, for example, stars, faculty, office, university professors, etc., which measures that people are still at the micro level. And not as famous as celebrities or net idols is “Followers” ​​(Follower) in their social media itself. And the followers will be less than fifty thousand people. For example, a faculty star's AIG, you have about 5,000 followers in AIG, which is popular only in universities. Not yet known in a wide range.

2. Micro-influencers are more "real" (realistic) than hiring stars.

Most customers are now smarter. They can search for a product or service and see reviews with comments. Especially with customers who have already purchased Causing them to not believe in the old adverts that are open to bragging their ears, but the properties of the gods, along with the famous stars to guarantee good products anymore For example, an ad for a car brand that uses the most handsome stars to drive eco-cars. But the real one drives a Lamborghini every day (laughs) like this is considered unreliable.

Therefore, the micro Become a presenter and use real products, write posts, take photos, record videos, self-reviews, or speak without scripting, honestly speaking, it is what makes customers who follow or like to "believe" in the micro. Speaking more than the star level again, to be honest, this era of brands and the use of celebrities Most people have been hired. Get paid, say the script Is the presenter of weight loss pills telling you that you eat and thin But the real person has exercised every day before When the body is beautiful, it starts accepting advertising wages. Like this is considered completely unreliable.

3.Micro-Influncer It is more rewarding than hiring a single mother star.

Think about the time of TV booming. You will hear it in the news often. That the mother star receives a single advertisement, "8 digits", something like this, which works because of the audience and has a TV on the whole house and town. But the mobile era like this Most people do not watch TV and take the eight-figure money to hire ordinary people with moderate followers. May employ thousands I don't believe if I hired you to buy my toothpaste and annoy you with my reviews and posts on my Facebook. By getting a wage of 1,000 baht like this, are you going to get a job? (Laughs) That means I can hire people like an ant army. The important thing is that people of all genders, ages, and occupations make the advertisement more real (realistic) and more reliable from real people than hiring stars.

This is the latest global online marketing trend. If you run a B2C business or are a marketer So this article is very suitable for you.

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