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Know PRRS disease (PRRS), a disease of the reproductive and

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: 05.02.2021
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: 22, 2021 5:53 am     : Know PRRS disease (PRRS), a disease of the reproductive and

Get to know the latest viral disease in pigs. The cause of the announcement of the epidemic zone in the village of Khok Khao Neaw And Nong Khla Village, Nong Wa Subdistrict, Khao Chakan District, Sa Kaeo Province on Nov 10
Sa Kaeo has found the perse virus spread heavily in pigs. Livestock declare an epidemic area - hundreds of landfills
What is PRRS?
Ms. Trakarnsak Pataisong said PRS or Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome was a symptom of the disease. In pig reproductive and respiratory systems Causing sows to abort High first stillborn Low mixing rate The dwarf piglets grow slowly and easily contract other diseases. It is a disease that is very damaging to pig farmers.
Causes of PRRS syndrome (PRRS)
Caused by infection with PRRS virus in Arteriviridae family. PRRS virus Can be divided into two species:
European breed And American species In Thailand, both strains were infected.
Symptoms of PRRS in pigs
The virus is excreted from the body of sick pigs through feces, urine, breath and semen, which can be transmitted or transmitted to other pigs. Can be obtained by eating or direct contact such as sniffing, licking or mating. It can also be contacted through Air breathed in or through materials, tools, appliances Inside farm contaminated with virus

Symptoms and severity depend on the type of infection. Farm management And the health of the pigs in the herd
Sow group Often have symptoms with fever, anorexia. Cause miscarriage, especially at the end of the erection High pregnancy or stillbirth Low mixing rate
Breeder pig group Will reduce the semen quality Low mixing rate
The suckling pigs, nursery pigs and finishing pigs often cause respiratory problems, dwarfism, slow growth and other complications.
The disease severity decreases as the pigs get older. Pigs older than 1 month show less pronounced symptoms without complications.
Treatment of PRRS disease in pigs
Since this is a viral disease, there is no cure for this. Antibiotics will help prevent infection. Bacterial complications Giving sow anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs reduce the rate of preterm birth.
Prevention and control of PRRS syndrome (PRRS)
Prevention and control of PRRS disease Must bring many Measures to be used together are:
Good farm management and sanitation With an emphasis on biosafety management (Biosecurity), including elements of the farm Transportation management Animal health management And good environmental management
Replacement young pigs in the herd It should come from a source free from the PRRS virus. Before joining the herd, there must be a period Stay in a separate house for at least 2 months of preparation and conditioning.
There is currently a PRRS vaccine available. Both live and lethal types for use in disease control. But the effectiveness of the vaccine is uncertain. Therefore, it is important to focus on farm management as a control. Prevent and reduce losses Due to infection with PRRSV virus


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